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Do Your Clients Need Bond Insurance?

By: Elizabeth Sedlock | Posten on: Mar 16, 2012 11:17:00 AM

In an ideal world, everyone would feel compelled to do the right thing, all the time.  No one would ever dream of stealing property, of the intellectual or physical variety, from anyone else.  Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world.  We live in the real one, where there are some people who are interested in behaving in ways that are immoral or illegal.  No one can be completely certain that everyone with whom they work are honest people. 

Bond insurance is sometimes referred to as “employee dishonesty coverage.”  It might also be called fidelity insurance, fidelity bond, or crime insurance.  This type of insurance generally covers instances of forgery or alteration of data or information; funds transfer fraud; Bond insurance | Stuckey & Co.computer fraud; credit card fraud; and money order or counterfeit fraud.  This insurance can be used to compensate a client in case one of their employees or contractors steals money, physical property or intellectual property from the client while that employee is on the job.  Without this type of insurance, your client may be held responsible for paying back their client out of their own pocket. 

Many of your clients are trusted with some very sensitive information.  They may be working with software or data that includes the Social Security numbers of their clients, their credit card numbers, their account numbers, and potentially their billing addresses, or the number of their bank accounts.   Your client is being asked to take good care of the kind of information that can easily be used in identity theft or credit card fraud.  It is important for them to have bond insurance to give their own potential clients peace of mind.

In addition to information, your client could be trusted with property that would be very expensive to replace.  No matter how careful someone is, accidents can still happen.  Something your client or one of their workers does could cause irreparable damage to a client's computer, or other property.  It is always possible to lose track of something that belongs to a client.  If someone loses track of even one laptop, then there is potential that someone out there could get access to information that should not be shared.  Your client could be left holding the bag and paying heavily for this sort of mistake.

Insurance is a great way to protect your clients from the risk of financial hardship that can be caused when things go wrong.  It is a way to prevent dishonest people from causing your client great harm.  Stuckey & Company can help with our executive protection policy.  Learn more by contacting Kyle Dallavis or visit our website at www.stuckey.com.

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How to Sell Miscellaneous Professional Liability

By: Elizabeth Sedlock | Posten on: Feb 16, 2012 3:22:00 PM

Miscellaneous Professional Liability (MPL) insurance offers protection for the errors and omissions (E&O) committed by professional service providers while delivering fee-based professional services.  Different than general liability (GL) policies, MPL covers the professional services rendered as well as the actual business. 

Almost every professional service provider, from dog groomers to court reporters to CAD designers, needs MPL coverage.  There are more than 350 hazard classes currently offered under the miscellaneous professional liability insurance umbrella.  As an agent, it can be difficult to properly focus marketing and sales efforts on professional liability as a whole.  That is why we recommend segmenting your activities monthly by specific classes. 

Professional Liability Insurance

For example, tax season is right around the corner.  Did you know that a tax professional can be held responsible for any IRS-assessed penalties and interest the client was charged during an audit?  In March and April, that professional liability message is particularly effective with your CPA and tax professional clients.  June is wedding season.  Did you know that the cost of weddings has risen by 22% annually for the last two years?  People are spending $25,000 on average for a wedding.  As the amount of money spent increases so does the number of wedding planners targeted for lawsuits.

Below is a suggested calendar for marketing miscellaneous professional liability to your clients.  We will be sending out information every month on the spotlight class to help you better sell to those clients.

MARCH: Accountants (CPAs, Bookkeepers, etc.)

APRIL: Marketing / Advertising

MAY: Event Planners

JUNE: Travel Agents

JULY: Real Estate Agents

AUGUST: Technology Professionals (IT Consultants, Software Designers, etc.)

SEPTEMBER: Medical Risk Professionals (Nurse Staffing, Labs, Imaging Facilities, etc.)

OCTOBER: Architects & Engineers

NOVEMBER: Animal Services (Kennels, Groomers, Dog Sitters, etc.)

DECEMBER: Legal Professionals (Lawyers, Paralegals, etc.)


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December Agent Alert - Stuckey & Company

By: Elizabeth Sedlock | Posten on: Dec 1, 2011 9:50:00 AM
Stuckey Agent Alert
Safety TekAspire A&EHarbor GuardMPLElementServicerProPersonalCommercial

Holiday Greetings

As the Holiday Season is upon us, we find ourselves reflecting on the past year and on those who have contributed to the success of Stuckey & Co. in a most significant way. From the bottom of our hearts, we say "thank you" to all of you who have made it possible for us to continue to serve our clients in such a wonderful way.

Each of you has played a valuable role in the success of our agency. We look forward to creating even more success together over the next year.

From our family to yours, we wish you a holiday filled with peace, love, and joy and a New Year with many blessings and lasting happiness.

Best to you all!

Dwight and Kerry Stuckey

What's New at Stuckey in 2012?

Incentives Program

At Stuckey & Company, we know that our success depends on working with the best producers.  To encourage you to grow your relationship with Stuckey & Company, we are launching a year-long, multi-product incentive program that will reward and recognize those of you who grow your business with Stuckey & Company. 

The program is simple: every two months, we will be focusing of one of our award-winning product lines.  For every new bind order you make of the featured product, you will be entered to win either the new iPhone 4S or a Kindle Fire.  A winner will be chosen for each product line so you have 6 chances to win.  It is up to you to claim your prize!

January-February: HarborGuard

March-April: SafetyTek Technology E&O

May-June: MPL

July-August: Aspire A&E

September-October: Commercial

November-December: Personal

Look for an email later this month announcing the start of the HarborGuard incentive program and outlining the terms and conditions.


Coming in January:

January 19: New Agent Webinar

Welcome to Stuckey & Company!  Every six months, we host a New Agent Webinar to help our new agents and brokers learn about our easy quoting and application systems as well as information on coverage options.

January 26: SafetyTek Technology E&O Webinar

Did you know that Technology Errors and Omissions insurance coverage is NOT provided by a Commercial General Liability policy?  Learn all you need to know to grow your existing technology E&O business or jumpstart a new program.  This webinar will focus on the types of coverage offered by SafetyTek Technology E&O and the reasons your clients might need this type of specialized liability coverage.

To RSVP for any of the Stuckey & Company webinars, please send an email to Elizabeth Sedlock at esedlock@stuckey.com with the webinar name in the subject line.  You can also visit our website to sign up. 

Marina Insurance - HarborGuard

Don’t forget: the HarborGuard incentive program starts in January!

So, the economy has not improved much.  One thing that never changes is the need for marina insurance, especially in underserved areas.  Because Stuckey & Company can write policies for marine businesses that have insufficient liability insurance, or that have thought about reducing coverage to cut costs, Stuckey & Company has seen very strong activity from insurance agents with clients in need of these tailored coverages. The HarborGuard program gives these marine businesses outstanding coverage at an affordable price. 

In addition, HarborGuard includes new features that protect eligible classes, and gives agents more flexibility when writing policies. 

Popular new features include:
• Now can include water sports liability up to policy limits 

• Now includes Sudden and Accidental Pollution coverage 

• Deductibles as low as $25,000 for docks, including wind/collapse 

• Campgrounds, resorts, and homeowners associations now included

• Now able to write excess/umbrella and auto 

• The program can also include replacement cost on docks, liquor liability, non-owned auto and boat rental.

January and February is the time when marine businesses look toward the upcoming season and revisit insurance coverage.  So don’t be caught out in the water trying to keep yourself afloat…let us assist you in reviewing your current marina coverage to see if we can improve both cost and coverage.

For more information, please contact Jerry Lovin at jerry@stuckey.com.

START QUOTING NOW!  Get in the running for an iPhone 4S or Kindle Fire.  For applications and forms, click here.

Bind More Technology E&O Insurance

Great news: The SafetyTek forms are now approved in California!

We know the tech industry.  As the pioneers in technology E&O coverage, we understand that information technology professional service providers operate in a perilous business climate.  You can help them protect their businesses by offering professional liability insurance tailored to THEIR needs.

Educate your clients on the whys and hows of technology E&O coverage…Many professionals will not know that Technology Errors and Omissions insurance coverage is not provided by a Commercial General Liability policy. Commercial General Liability does NOT provide coverage for programming errors, contract performance disputes or any other Professional Liability issues. IT consultants and companies who have General Liability without Professional Liability (Errors or Omissions) coverage are taking a serious risk. It’s like a doctor practicing medicine without Malpractice insurance.

Technology coverages encompass a range of exposures. Some are specifically tailored, and others are broader.

When it comes to a knowledgeable team of Technology E&O insurance professionals, Stuckey & Co. has you covered.

For more information regarding Technology E&O insurance, please contact Maggie Hammett at maggie@stuckey.com. 

START QUOTING NOW!  For applications and forms, click here.


Inside This Issue

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Marina Insurance - HarborGuarddiv
Bind More Technology E&O




Happy Holidays!

We at Stuckey sat down this year
to design our holiday card,
but getting our family in here
turned out to be rather hard.

Mom, Pop and their kids showed up
to meet the photographer.
Then Pop suggested the office staff
should be in the picture for sure.

So Underwriting elbowed in.
Customer Service did too.
And little by little the Stuckey family
grew and grew and grew.

The photographer got a wide lens.
He told everyone to squeeze.
Mom interrupted and stopped it then
before we could say “Cheese!”

“Look at our family!” she said.
“I’m thankful to have you near.
How can we say it’s a family photo
without our customers here?”

So that’s why we don’t have a photo
and why this poem is for you.
May you be as blessed this holiday
as we are blessed all year through.


  The Three Avocados coffee we sent you last year paid for a well in Africa. To learn more about this wonderful organization, click here.



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Private Company Employment Practices Liability Loss Scenarios

By: jennifer strathmann | Posten on: Oct 21, 2011 11:44:00 AM

Management Liability, Stuckey & Co.

Management Liability - Employers Liability Insurance

Cases against employers are on the rise. It is estimated that three out of five firms will be sued by an employee. Companies are finding that they are vulnerable from the pre-hiring process through the exit interview, even if the employee was never hired, or only at the company a matter of days.

It can happen to ANY firm. We have all experienced it. It could be a joke told in the break room, an employee you had to fire, a “friendly” programmer, or that person you chose not to hire. Every employer faces the reality that it will be the target of legal action from past, present and prospective employees. Even if the claim is groundless or fraudulent, the defense of a suit can be expensive in time, resources and financially.

Office love . . . can lead to corporate heartbreak

A female employee, who had been with XYZ Corporation for two years, exhibited a sudden drop-off in her work performance. Her supervisor set up a meeting with her to discuss her performance, but she failed to show up. She did show up for a rescheduled meeting, but she had alcohol on her breath. She complained during the meeting that she faced continuous sexual harassment from a senior manager and that his unwanted advances had created a hostile work environment. Her supervisor suggested that she take another position in the company at a different location, which the woman agreed to do. However, she failed to show up for work at the new location and skipped several more meetings with her supervisor.

The company terminated the employee, and she filed a lawsuit, alleging sexual harassment and wrongful termination and seeking $1 million in damages. In her suit, she alleged that a senior manager had been sexually obsessed with her for nearly two years, had maintained an uncomfortable closeness with her in the workplace, and had continually harassed her with questions about her personal life.

In subsequent interviews with managers and employees, it was discovered that the female employee and the senior manager were engaged in a consensual romantic relationship over the two-year period. Furthermore, witnesses said that the employee was also engaged in another love affair at the time, but she and the second lover had broken up at about the time her performance dropped off.


The company determined that it would rather settle than go to court. After paying more than $120,000 in defense costs, the company settled with the former employee for approximately $250,000.

Additional scenarios are available.

For more information, please contact Chris Boylan at chris@stuckey.com or  800-873-0228 x 35

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