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Streamling Professional Liability for the Technology Industry.

By: dwight stuckey | Posten on: Sep 11, 2013 10:52:00 AM

safetytek highres2

The new SafetyTek process simplifies Quoting, Billing and the Renewals Process.

As Technology continues to grow and strengthen as a major differentiator for main street businesses, SafetyTek remains a leading insurance program to manage the industry risks.  SafetyTek  provides professional liability to a wide array of technology centric classes from Mobile Application Development to Financial Funds Transfer.  Now, the SafetyTek Program’s streamlined underwriting process simplifies Quoting, Billing and Renewals.


For 18 years, Stuckey & Company has managed the Technology Insurance Program for ACE USA, rated A + XV by AM Best.  Over the 18 years we have introduced many changes, including:  an nationwide admitted product, increased coverage to a Multiple Insuring Agreement, combined multiple coverages into one “SafetyTek Endorsement” providing more savings, and now we are introducing online credit card payments and automatic renewals.


Secure, online credit card payments are now used on over 70% of our business offering a new level of simplicity for our agents and their insured’s.  Each quote that is generated out of our system includes a secure credit card payment link.  When clicked our customers are shown the coverage and payment option they have selected and given the ability to immediately process the online payment, all secured by authorize.net and Network Solutions.


Automatic Renewals will begin with coverage renewal dates of January 1, 2014.  With automatic renewals qualifying SafetyTek customers will not be required to complete a new application on the anniversary date of the coverage.   Instead, the agent will receive emailed notification of coverage renewal detailing policy terms and instructions on how to process payment.


Dwight Stuckey, President and CEO of Stuckey & Company, says he is proud to be one of a very limited number of companies offering this forward-thinking insurance process. “The SafetyTek Program is helping to support the people, companies and innovation that drive the technology industry,” he says. “From the critical R&D companies looking at next generation technologies to the next mobile application designed for our always on, anywhere connection to the world”


The SafetyTek Program is available to licensed agents who register with Stuckey & Company as a licensed agent. (Agents can register online at http://www.stuckey.com/forms/register_agency.php.) Stuckey & Company has in-house binding authority on all lines that qualify, and offers quick turnaround on quotes, generally within 48 hours. The program is licensed in all 48 mainland states. For more information, visit http://www.stuckey.com/safetytek/technology/technology-insurance.php.


About Stuckey and Company

Stuckey & Company is a specialty insurance provider based in Lake St. Louis, Missouri. For 22 years, Stuckey has offered commercial, professional and personal lines of insurance. Stuckey & Company’s network of more than 8,500 licensed agents has the knowledge and experience in dealing with specific coverage not typically covered under standard policies. As one of the fastest-growing specialty insurance providers in the U.S., Stuckey & Company offers E&O coverage to over 150 classes in sectors that include technology and IT consulting, accounting and financial services, government services, media, laboratories and education. In addition to Stuckey & Company’s Tek Division, the company offers professional liability insurance to Architects and Engineers through the Aspire A&E Insurance Program. For information on the SafetyTek Insurance Program from Stuckey & Company, call Maggie Hammett at 1-800-828-3452 x 21.


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Tips on Selling Accountant Professional Liability

By: Elizabeth Sedlock | Posten on: Mar 8, 2012 9:17:00 AM

Uh-Oh!  Tax Season is upon us. 

Are your accountant and bookkeeper clients covered?

The holiday season ended a few months ago, and now Americans are heading into a new season – one that can be just as stressful and potentially more costly – yes that’s right, welcome to tax season.  Now is the time we push our burdensome taxes off on others to process, fully expecting them to do an accurate and thorough job while we *hopefully* reap the benefits of a nice tax return.  But .. what if they make a mistake?  What if we forget to give them some vital information and receive an audit that costs a substantial amount of money? 

The truth is that while we expect everything to go smoothly when using the services of an accountant, it is important to remember that we are all human, and we all make mistakes.  Accountants are not exempt from fallibility and it is vital to their professional survival that the proper coverage is in place to ensure not only their protection, but that of their clients.

There are literally thousands of suits brought every year against tax preparers and bookkeepers.  While this may seem ‘normal’ in today’s litigious society, and compared to other Stuckey Accounting Insuranceprofessions it is not an extremely high number, you need to keep in mind that the tax audit standards are CONSTANTLY changing.  Sure we all rely on ‘our people’ but even the most knowledgeable person is fallible and mistakes will happen.

The staggering number of suits each year serves to validate that accountants have a lot to worry about.  They can be held responsible for any miscalculation which was the result of a client’s audit.  What if the tax preparer accidentally overlooked some financial information? – They would be at fault! – How would a mistake like this impact their operation?  These are some scary thoughts to both the accountant and the client, and that’s why a quality professional liability policy is a great solution.

So why buy a professional liability policy?  Generally speaking, most errors & omissions policies will cover a judgment, settlement and defense costs (even the frivolous ones).  Stuckey & Company has access to carriers with ‘admitted’ products in most of the continental United States.  These quality products, from reputable carriers in good standings, may include coverage enhancements such as: pre-claim assistance, broad definitions of services, expense reimbursements, settlement provisions, spousal and domestic partner coverage – and much much more!

Let us help you cover your clients!  We will make it happen! 

Email Chris@stuckey.com for more information or download our app here: Accountant Professional Liability Insurance Application.

“DID YOU KNOW??” A tax professional can be held responsible for any IRS-assessed penalties and interest the client was charged during an audit!!

“REMEMBER” Even if a client neglects to give all vital information to the accountant, and files a frivolous suit, the accountant could rack up some serious legal costs just to fight or defend it!!

Key Point : A minor mistake by an accountant can lead to huge problems and financial burdens on the client.  Knowing that just one claim against an insufficiently insured professional could ruin them, it is vital to address their coverage needs.



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MGA Market Strong, According to Guy Carpenter Survey

By: Elizabeth Sedlock | Posten on: Mar 6, 2012 8:26:00 AM

Guy Carpenter released the results from their Seventh Annual Specialty Program Issuing Carrier Survey (2011) and the news was positive.  The MGA market is still strong and the majority of insurers in the space believe the segment will continue to grow over the next few years.

According to the survey, "Fifty-one percent of respondents believe this segment will grow, while only 8 percent see it shrinking. These perceptions may be a result of the fact that 36 percent of the respondents are experiencing a greater number of new business opportunities in their pipelines, while 43 percent are holding steady year over year."

In addition, the survey presented some clear findings about the changing appetites in the market.  Specifically, the personal lines insurance market appetite has remained about the same while the commercial lines insurance market appetite is steadily growing.

To read the press release about the survey, visit Guy Carpenter's Press Room.


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4 Reasons to Partner with an MGA

By: Elizabeth Sedlock | Posten on: Feb 10, 2012 3:43:00 PM
Being an insurance agent is hard enough without adding the pressure of finding new markets and trying to place specialty business.  As a retail agent, you can’t specialize in EVERYTHING.  That is where a managing general agent (MGA) comes in. 
  1. Knowledge.  MGAs usually specialize in certain markets and have vast knowledge about carriers and appetites.  Insurance underwriting is complex and the knowledge an MGA can bring to the table is invaluable, especially when placing business that the general marketStuckey Specialty Insurance does not regularly write. 
  2. Customer Service.  MGAs pride themselves on having an underwriter available to speak to you any time.  The more complex the business, the more critical it is to have immediate access to your underwriter.
  3. Multiple Carriers.  The majority of MGAs have relationships with many mainstream and specialized carriers.  The underwriters understand appetites and products from all the carriers, allowing them to give you products that are right for your clients.
  4. Less Paperwork.  How much time do you (or your agency) spend on answering questions and sending information on endorsements?  Imagine if that time were spent selling.  An MGA has dedicated staff to handle the policy changes and endorsements that can so easily clog up your inbox.
Look for an MGA with a proven track record, strong carrier relationships and binding authority.  Once you partner with an MGA, you can bind more business and offer your clients superior choices for coverage.

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January 2012 Agent Alert - Stuckey & Company

By: Elizabeth Sedlock | Posten on: Jan 31, 2012 10:10:00 AM
Stuckey Agent Alert
Safety TekAspire A&EHarbor GuardMPLElementServicerProPersonalCommercial

Improve Your SEO: Write a Blog

As you know, improving your SEO is important for every business.  Visilibity is the key to increasing sales and growing your agency's reputation.  Writing a blog and gaining new inbound links to your site can make a huge difference to your overall SEO.

Meanwhile, Stuckey & Company is interested in helping educate the market and needs experts to write about agency issues, demands and experiences.  That is why we would like to invite you, our agents, to contribute to our blog.  For every article you write, we will post to our blog and provide a direct link to your website.  Likewise, we would love for you to link to our blog and our corporate site.

Here's the kicker: we'll pay you a modest marketing fee for each article we use! Contact Elizabeth Sedlock to get started today.

New People to Help You in 2012  

Andrew Wischmeyer

Position: MPL Underwriter  

Andrew Wischmeyer - MPL UnderwriterResponsibilities: Quote and underwrite MPL lines of business

Joined Stuckey & Co.: January 2012

Interesting Fact: Holds both private and instrument pilots licenses

Contact Information: andrew@stuckey.com, (800) 828-3452 *28

April Moore

Position: Endorsements

Responsibilities: Policy service to include endorsement processing

April Moore - EndorsementsJoined Stuckey & Co.: December 2011

Previous Experience: Marketing Coordinator from 2007-2011. @ KnowledgeLake, Inc. Specialized in Enterprise Content Management (Document Imaging & Capture)

Interesting Fact: Shoots competitively with a .45 ACP hand gun. (sport)

Contact Information: april@stuckey.com, (800) 828-3452 *19

SafetyTek Accepts Credit Cards

Offer Your Insureds Easy, Free Credit Card Payment Option!

We know that our success depends on yours. That is why we continue to offer you new ways to service your insureds, like the SafetyTek technology E&O liability insurance program's new credit card payment option.

There are no fees and credit cards are processed electronically using the authorize.net payment processing system.

To customize the payment page for your agency, email Maggie Hammett the following:

  • A copy of your agency logo.
  • Your customer service phone number.
  • Your customer service email address.

Find out more about the SafetyTek credit card page.

START QUOTING NOW! For applications and forms, click here.

What is Data Breach?

Now Offer Your Small Business Customers This Specialized Coverage

What is data breach?  According to GAO, "data breach generally refers to an organization’s unauthorized or unintentional exposure, disclosure, or loss of sensitive personal information, which can include personally identifiable information (PII) such as Social Security numbers (SSN) or financial information such as credit card numbers"

Today, more and more businesses are storing and electronically sending sensitive data about their customers and employees.  In additon, there are more and more regulations requiring businesses to advise customers and employees if personal information has been revealed.  That makes data breach a serious issue for small businesses, where the majority of breaches have been reported.

Data breach can occur as simply as an employee losing a laptop.  Depending on the amount of PII on the laptop, a small accident can cost a business more than $20,000 in data breach alone.  Just last week, Zappos announced that personal information for close to 24 million customers might ahve been compromised by a hacker.  Imagine the cost of the same breach to a small business!

Find out more about helping protect your small business clients from data breach exposure and other cyberliablity risks.

 Contact Kyle Dallavis to learn more.

Inside This Issue

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New People to Help Youdiv
SafetyTek Accepts Credit Cards
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Top Tips

Did you know?

1. Commercial general liability does NOT cover technology E&O libability.  Your clients in the technology industry need both.  SafetyTek is a great option to examine.

2. The average homeowner's policy liability limit is $500,000.  Is that enough to cover major accidents for your high net worth clients?  Probably not.  Look into umbrella policies as a way to offer higher limits (up to $50 million in some cases).

3. There are more than 300 hazard classes covered under miscellaneous professional liability (MPL).  The top 5 most requested classes are:

-Mgmt. Consultants


-Medical Billing, Coding, Transcription


-Animal Services (training, kenneling, grooming, etc.)



"Thank you for the fine, fast work you did on this new account, I can always count on Stuckey to do a good job for me."

-- Jerry Freis, Hatcher Insurance Inc.




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You Need Coverage Too! A Primer on Insurance Agent E&O

By: Elizabeth Sedlock | Posten on: Jan 27, 2012 8:37:00 AM

You’ve all heard of E&O insurance.  Some of you sell it to your clients.  Most of you are probably required to carry it.  It is important to make sure you know what you are getting when it comes to E&O for insurance producers, whether it be your own, or for a client.  Insurance Agent E&OEven the most thorough and diligent individual can make a mistake or be accused of such. 

Proper coverage helps to protect you and your clients as well as your own operation.  Defense costs are included for you while providing monetary reimbursement to any wrongful error or omission. 

Even if a situation progresses to the point of litigation (and maybe it is dismissed at some point), the defense costs can add up quickly.   It is important to consider how one costly incident can affect your operation and whether the company can sustain it to continue services. 

To be an effective insurance agent, you must have an understanding of many insurance products, including your own, to deliver the best service to your clients.  Service sells in this industry, and the better protected and educated you are as an agent, the better protected and educated your clients become.  If a mistake is made (or an accusation of), you essentially become the insurer in the eyes of your client.  Common claims arise from accusations of negligence, breach of contract, non-disclosures, etc.. and this is why insurance agents are a lightning rod for E&O claims to their own policies.  Protection is pivotal. 

DID YOU KNOW? :  Insurance agents E&O is written on specialty form product lines which clearly address the unique exposures facing an insurance professional, much like that of a doctor, lawyer or architect.

DON’T FORGET:  Financial planning activities require additional underwriting and special endorsements in many cases.  If you are shopping coverage, remember to identify all relevant lines of your book to ensure proper protection in the event of a loss.

FUN FACT:  Insurance salespeople are continually rated near the bottom of the list when polls of ‘hated professionals’ are conducted.   Typically they are surrounded by lawyers, used car salesman, and IRS auditors in that category.   Providing exceptional service, arming yourself with product knowledge, and having the best interests of your clients in mind can help change this public perception.  Proper E&O is a part of the equation.   



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December Agent Alert - Stuckey & Company

By: Elizabeth Sedlock | Posten on: Dec 1, 2011 9:50:00 AM
Stuckey Agent Alert
Safety TekAspire A&EHarbor GuardMPLElementServicerProPersonalCommercial

Holiday Greetings

As the Holiday Season is upon us, we find ourselves reflecting on the past year and on those who have contributed to the success of Stuckey & Co. in a most significant way. From the bottom of our hearts, we say "thank you" to all of you who have made it possible for us to continue to serve our clients in such a wonderful way.

Each of you has played a valuable role in the success of our agency. We look forward to creating even more success together over the next year.

From our family to yours, we wish you a holiday filled with peace, love, and joy and a New Year with many blessings and lasting happiness.

Best to you all!

Dwight and Kerry Stuckey

What's New at Stuckey in 2012?

Incentives Program

At Stuckey & Company, we know that our success depends on working with the best producers.  To encourage you to grow your relationship with Stuckey & Company, we are launching a year-long, multi-product incentive program that will reward and recognize those of you who grow your business with Stuckey & Company. 

The program is simple: every two months, we will be focusing of one of our award-winning product lines.  For every new bind order you make of the featured product, you will be entered to win either the new iPhone 4S or a Kindle Fire.  A winner will be chosen for each product line so you have 6 chances to win.  It is up to you to claim your prize!

January-February: HarborGuard

March-April: SafetyTek Technology E&O

May-June: MPL

July-August: Aspire A&E

September-October: Commercial

November-December: Personal

Look for an email later this month announcing the start of the HarborGuard incentive program and outlining the terms and conditions.


Coming in January:

January 19: New Agent Webinar

Welcome to Stuckey & Company!  Every six months, we host a New Agent Webinar to help our new agents and brokers learn about our easy quoting and application systems as well as information on coverage options.

January 26: SafetyTek Technology E&O Webinar

Did you know that Technology Errors and Omissions insurance coverage is NOT provided by a Commercial General Liability policy?  Learn all you need to know to grow your existing technology E&O business or jumpstart a new program.  This webinar will focus on the types of coverage offered by SafetyTek Technology E&O and the reasons your clients might need this type of specialized liability coverage.

To RSVP for any of the Stuckey & Company webinars, please send an email to Elizabeth Sedlock at esedlock@stuckey.com with the webinar name in the subject line.  You can also visit our website to sign up. 

Marina Insurance - HarborGuard

Don’t forget: the HarborGuard incentive program starts in January!

So, the economy has not improved much.  One thing that never changes is the need for marina insurance, especially in underserved areas.  Because Stuckey & Company can write policies for marine businesses that have insufficient liability insurance, or that have thought about reducing coverage to cut costs, Stuckey & Company has seen very strong activity from insurance agents with clients in need of these tailored coverages. The HarborGuard program gives these marine businesses outstanding coverage at an affordable price. 

In addition, HarborGuard includes new features that protect eligible classes, and gives agents more flexibility when writing policies. 

Popular new features include:
• Now can include water sports liability up to policy limits 

• Now includes Sudden and Accidental Pollution coverage 

• Deductibles as low as $25,000 for docks, including wind/collapse 

• Campgrounds, resorts, and homeowners associations now included

• Now able to write excess/umbrella and auto 

• The program can also include replacement cost on docks, liquor liability, non-owned auto and boat rental.

January and February is the time when marine businesses look toward the upcoming season and revisit insurance coverage.  So don’t be caught out in the water trying to keep yourself afloat…let us assist you in reviewing your current marina coverage to see if we can improve both cost and coverage.

For more information, please contact Jerry Lovin at jerry@stuckey.com.

START QUOTING NOW!  Get in the running for an iPhone 4S or Kindle Fire.  For applications and forms, click here.

Bind More Technology E&O Insurance

Great news: The SafetyTek forms are now approved in California!

We know the tech industry.  As the pioneers in technology E&O coverage, we understand that information technology professional service providers operate in a perilous business climate.  You can help them protect their businesses by offering professional liability insurance tailored to THEIR needs.

Educate your clients on the whys and hows of technology E&O coverage…Many professionals will not know that Technology Errors and Omissions insurance coverage is not provided by a Commercial General Liability policy. Commercial General Liability does NOT provide coverage for programming errors, contract performance disputes or any other Professional Liability issues. IT consultants and companies who have General Liability without Professional Liability (Errors or Omissions) coverage are taking a serious risk. It’s like a doctor practicing medicine without Malpractice insurance.

Technology coverages encompass a range of exposures. Some are specifically tailored, and others are broader.

When it comes to a knowledgeable team of Technology E&O insurance professionals, Stuckey & Co. has you covered.

For more information regarding Technology E&O insurance, please contact Maggie Hammett at maggie@stuckey.com. 

START QUOTING NOW!  For applications and forms, click here.


Inside This Issue

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Marina Insurance - HarborGuarddiv
Bind More Technology E&O




Happy Holidays!

We at Stuckey sat down this year
to design our holiday card,
but getting our family in here
turned out to be rather hard.

Mom, Pop and their kids showed up
to meet the photographer.
Then Pop suggested the office staff
should be in the picture for sure.

So Underwriting elbowed in.
Customer Service did too.
And little by little the Stuckey family
grew and grew and grew.

The photographer got a wide lens.
He told everyone to squeeze.
Mom interrupted and stopped it then
before we could say “Cheese!”

“Look at our family!” she said.
“I’m thankful to have you near.
How can we say it’s a family photo
without our customers here?”

So that’s why we don’t have a photo
and why this poem is for you.
May you be as blessed this holiday
as we are blessed all year through.


  The Three Avocados coffee we sent you last year paid for a well in Africa. To learn more about this wonderful organization, click here.



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Marina Insurance - HarborGuard especially for you!

By: jennifer strathmann | Posten on: Jun 27, 2011 10:09:00 AM

Harbor Guard - Marina Insurance


marina insurance


If you are a marina operator and are in need of marina insurance, there are several options you could go with. By going with Stuckey & Company, MGA licensed, who specializes in the market of covering insurance for businesses such as boat yards, marinas, boat dealers and more, you can rest assured that you are getting the best coverage. 

The reason you should go with a company like Stuckey & Co. for your marina insurance needs is because we specialize in this type of insurance. It is the first program launched in our successful business over two decades ago. Our agents know all the ins and outs of the marina and boat industry. This allows us to easily understand any issues or problems that come up in regards to your insurance coverage. 

When you decide on an insurance company, our agents will negotiate insurance contracts with your needs in mind. We are able to give you the best coverage and represent your needs and interests as best as possible.

There are many reasons to go with an insurance agency like Stuckey & Co.
We offer:
  • Exceptional service and coverage for your business
  • Top-notch customer service
  • Specialized industry knowledge
  • Customer loyalty
  • Competitive rates
For more information, please contact Kerry Stuckey. He has over two decades of experience that will prove to provide you benefits you thought only imaginable.

Click me  




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