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Telecommunication Services Professional Liability

Posted by Maggie Hammett on Nov 10, 2015 4:22:00 PM


Telecommunication Services

Telecommunication is the exchange of information over significant distance, via electronic means.  This includes voice over the internet, videos, telephone services, and mobile wireless communications; as well as design, maintenance, analysis and security of that information.


  • Industry Market:  Over $4.9B in revenue
  • Average Premium:  $1,200
  • Minimum Premium:  $500

How to Quote:

Categories include:  

  • VOIP Service Provider
  • Telecommunication Consulting
  • Telecom Switching System Software
  • Telephone System Network

Exposure Concerns:

Telecommunications for 911 or emergency call centers are a higher hazard class.  Securing the data being exchanged is very important.  Be sure your clients understand how computer professional liability will protect them. 

Key Questions:

  1. What do your clients do?
  2. What industry do they serve?
  3. What security procedures do they have in place?


  • Revenues from $1k to $25M
  • Limits up to $5M
  • Deductible options ranging from $1k to $250k

Email Tech Underwriter  


If you think that you have a business or know of a business that provides these type of services and is in need of technology E&O, please contact Stuckey & Company.

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