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What is Data Breach?

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What is data breach? According to GAO, "data breach generally refers to an organization’s unauthorized or unintentional exposure, disclosure, or loss of sensitive personal information, which can include personally identifiable information (PII) such as Social Security numbers (SSN) or financial information such as credit card numbers"

Today, more and more businesses are storing and electronically sending sensitive data about their customers and employees. In addition, there are more and more regulations requiring businesses to advise customers and employees if personal information has been revealed. That makes data breach a serious issue for small businesses, where the majority of breaches have been reported.

Data breach can occur as simply as an employee losing a laptop. Depending on the amount of PII on the laptop, a small accident can cost a business more than $20,000 in data breach alone. Just last week, Zappos announced that personal information for close to 24 million customers might have been compromised by a hacker. Imagine the cost of the same breach to a small business!

Find out more about helping protect your small business clients from data breach exposure and other cyber liablity risks.

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