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Feb 17, 2015
What is Miscellaneous Professional Liability Insurance?
Lawsuits can happen to any business,
no matter how many steps you have in place to avoid it.

An error, omission, or misrepresentation of...


Topics: Miscellaneous Professional Liability, professional liability, MPL, IT E&O, mga insurance, errors and omissions, lawsuit

Mar 18, 2014
Streamling Professional Liability for the Technology Industry.

The new SafetyTek process simplifies Quoting, Billing and the Renewals Process.

As Technology continues to grow and strengthen as a major...


Topics: Stuckey & Company, mga, safetytek, it insurance, TECHNOLOGY, technology E&O, data loss insurance, data loss risk, technology insurance, professional liability, cyber liability insurance, IT E&O, commercial lines insurance, mga insurance

Mar 18, 2014
Tips on Selling Accountant Professional Liability

Uh-Oh!  Tax Season is upon us. 

Are your accountant and bookkeeper clients covered?

The holiday season ended a few months ago, and now Americans are...


Topics: Stuckey & Company, mga, Miscellaneous Professional Liability, Stuckey & Co., MPL, mga insurance

Mar 18, 2014
MGA Market Strong, According to Guy Carpenter Survey

Guy Carpenter released the results from their Seventh Annual Specialty Program Issuing Carrier Survey (2011) and the news was positive. The MGA...


Topics: speciality insurance, Stuckey & Company, mga, specialty insurance, Stuckey & Co., professional liability, mga insurance, insurance wholesaler

Mar 18, 2014
4 Reasons to Partner with an MGA
Being an insurance agent is hard enough without adding the pressure of finding new markets and trying to place specialty business. As a retail agent,...

Topics: Stuckey & Company, mga, mga insurance, insurance wholesaler

Mar 18, 2014
What's New in Workers Compensation Insurance?

Workers compensation is a hot button right now in the insurance industry. So many carriers are actively marketing workers comp and want to gain...


Topics: Blog, specialty insurance, office insurance, corporate insurance, mga insurance, workers comp, workers compensation

Mar 18, 2014
January 2012 Agent Alert - Stuckey & Company

Improve Your SEO: Write a Blog

As you know, improving your SEO is important for every business. Visilibity is the key to increasing sales...


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Mar 18, 2014
You Need Coverage Too! A Primer on Insurance Agent E&O

You’ve all heard of E&O insurance. Some of you sell it to your clients. Most of you are probably required to carry it. It is important to make sure...


Topics: insurance claim, mga, Miscellaneous Professional Liability, professional E&O, professional liability, mga insurance

Mar 18, 2014
Mid-West Marina Insurance – 4 Things to Consider

Right now, marina and boatyards in the Mid-West (Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South...


Topics: tornadoes, tornado, weather, Stuckey & Company, Blog, marina insurance, specialty insurance, hurricane season and insurance, Stuckey, Stuckey & Co., mga insurance, boatyard insurance, marine insurance, boat insurance

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