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MGA Market Strong, According to Guy Carpenter Survey

Guy Carpenter released the results from their Seventh Annual Specialty Program Issuing Carrier Survey (2011) and the news was positive.  The MGA market is still strong and the majority of insurers in the space believe the segment will continue to grow over the next few years.

According to the survey, "Fifty-one percent of respondents believe this segment will grow, while only 8 percent see it shrinking. These perceptions may be a result of the fact that 36 percent of the respondents are experiencing a greater number of new business opportunities in their pipelines, while 43 percent are holding steady year over year."

In addition, the survey presented some clear findings about the changing appetites in the market.  Specifically, the personal lines insurance market appetite has remained about the same while the commercial lines insurance market appetite is steadily growing.

To read the press release about the survey, visit Guy Carpenter's Press Room.


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