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BikePRO -- Bicycle Shop Insurance


Did you know that Stuckey & Company is one of the only MGA's with a proprietary insurance program focused solely on bike shops? 

That's right.  Stuckey and Co.'s BikePRO is specifically a bicycle shop insurance program.  The coverage is tailored for the issues that face bike shops today when searching for bike shop insurance. 

So, what do we mean by a "bicycle shop?"  When we refer to bicycle shops, we mean retailers of standard bicycles, not motorcycles.   BikePRO is designed to cover bike shops, with or without a rental component, used bike sales, group rides and much more.  If your client also has bicycle rentals or repairs - IT’S OK and it does NOT increase the premium. Our program has been saving bicycle shop owners thousands of dollars a year!

We know that bicycle shops rely heavily on other businesses as suppliers or customers, which can create risks not noticed in most Business Owner’s Policies (BOP).  That is why we automatically offer $10,000 of this type of coverage with the option to increase, if needed.

Does your client have a “peak season” during the spring, summer or fall months?  If so, the BikePRO bicycle shop insurance program offers seasonal increase coverage.  What does that mean for your client's business?  It means the policy will automatically increase the Business Personal property limit to account for peak sales seasons.  25 percent is automatically included and up to 300 percent is available.

Take a look at our application here or contact Kyle Dallavis at kyle@stuckey.com to learn more.

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