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What's New in Workers Compensation Insurance?

Workers compensation is a hot button right now in the insurance industry.  So many carriers are actively marketing workers comp and want to gain traction by offering new incentives.  That makes this a GREAT time for your clients to reassess their workers comp policies. 

So, what’s the latest?  Most carriers now offer some type of “pay as you go” program for workers compensation insurance.  This might not sound that exciting but it is, in fact, a good way to reel in new workers comp business.  Why?  Because cash is king and “pay as you go” programs free up cash flow for your clients. 

Lawn Care Company

Prior to this new development, workers comp was paid based on an upfront annual assessment of employee count and a 25% down payment.  If your client is a seasonal employer, like a lawn care company or a summer resort, the calculation could be based on speculation and, since the payments are equal, the client could be paying high premiums with very few actual employees.  The “pay as you go” option gives these clients a way to pay on actual payroll numbers every month, which saves time and frees up cash when employee count is down. 

Hartford is currently pushing the new XactPAY program while CNA also has a similar “pay as you go” option.  You can take a look at the carriers Stuckey has access to here.

Now is the time to talk to your seasonal clients (before summer) and offer them this new way to pay.

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