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Marina Insurance - HarborGuard

With boating season fast approaching, what better time to ensure you are covered? Stuckey & Company has over 20 years' of experience managing the HarborGuard marina insurance program, a specialty insurance program for a wide variety of marine businesses, including marinas and boat yards, boat dealers, and boat repair and supply shops. While many businesses in this industry are feeling the impact of the economy, Stuckey & Company has seen very strong activity from insurance agents with clients in need of these tailored coverages. The HarborGuard program includes new features that protect eligible classes, and gives agents more flexibility when writing policies. P

Popular new features include:
• Waived requirement for primary pollution coverage
• Now can include water sports liability up to policy limits
• Now includes Sudden and Accidental Pollution coverage
• Deductibles as low as $10,000 for docks, including wind/collapse
• Campgrounds, resorts, and homeowners associations now included
• Now able to write excess/umbrella and auto
• The program can also include replacement cost on docks, liquor liability, non-owned auto and boat rental.

“We have worked closely with the carrier to ensure the HarborGuard program is a competitive program in today’s insurance environment,” Stuckey says. “We’ve written or been very cost-competitive on every policy we’ve quoted, and agents have confirmed that the changes we’ve made are helping them meet their clients’ needs.” The carrier is rated by A+ (Superior) IX by A.M. Best, and is written non-admitted. The marine industry has very few national carriers with rates that are competitive for local markets. “Based on our 20 years of experience in marine insurance, we are confident that HarborGuard addresses the insurance needs of marinas and marine professionals who have had difficulty finding appropriate, affordable coverage in recent years,” Stuckey says. “For marine businesses that have insufficient liability insurance, or that have thought about reducing coverage to cut costs, our program gives them outstanding coverage at a price they can afford.” So don’t be caught out in the water trying to keep yourself afloat…let us assist you in reviewing your current marina coverage to see if we can improve both cost and coverage.

For more information, please contact Kerry Stuckey at 1-800-828-3452 ext 14

Network Operations Security Coverage - Protect your clients information now!

Help your insured's feel safe by offering coverage for your own computer system...don't be the next Sony!

With the most recent announcements from Sony regarding the network breach, have you talked to your insured about Network Operations Security coverage? Any business that collects and stores their customer's personal information is at risk. Sony's potential cost incurred has been said to be $24 billion. While this is an unlikely figure for most insured's, the cost of shutting down their network combined with fines and penalties could financially burden a company, if not worse.

Now would be the time to discuss the options available to insured, before it's too late. Our SafetyTek form not only cover's developers, insureds who deploy technology services and products offered to their clients, but includes coverage for the insured's computer system. Feel secure in offering such coverage by connecting directly with an underwriter. For more information, contact your underwriter Maggie Hammett

You can download an example Net Protection policy and application form. for your convenience.


Xact Pay Webinar

Please join us for our Xact Pay Webinar on June 29th at 1:00pm central. Nearly every company distributes electronic content over the Internet. Learn about how to utilize our online quoting system as Tracey Kelly- Hagy hosts.

Join Webinar


Summer Commission - Bonus Incentive

Servicing small professional liability clients takes time, and often times multiple trips to your client's site. We all know what's going on with gas prices, so let Stuckey & Company fatten up your wallet this summer and ease your financial burden. We are proud to be able to offer an additional 3-5% COMMISSION on all qualifying new business MISCELLANEOUS PROFESSIONAL LIABILITY ACCOUNTS bound with effective dates between June 1, 2011 and July 31, 2011. No limit on the potential!

For a standard qualifying account written at $1,000 premium that qualifies for the 5% max - that's an extra $50! If you bind 10 accounts in that period, that would be an additional $500, on top of the regular rate! And who couldn't use the extra cash?

Contact Christopher Boylan at chris@stuckey.com for any questions about this summer reward program.

What is Qualified Business?
Qualified accounts refer to any of the "Miscellaneous" - defined class hazards that are acceptable risks for placement with ACE, Beazley or C.N.A. This offer does NOT apply to program business or specialty form products such as accountants, lawyers, A&E or technology risks. All standard underwriting criteria for acceptable risks apply and we reserve the right to decline any account that does not meet carrier underwriting approval. Extra commission rate of 3 to 5 percent will be determined by carrier and product. All "renewal" accounts are ineligible. "Renewals" are defined as an account already written through Stuckey & Company for ACE, Beazley or C.N.A. on the Miscellaneous professional liability program.

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Stuckey Your I.T. Specialists

We marvel nearly every day
About New Technologies;
That help us work from home or office
And communicate with ease.

But Technology's not only cool,
It's got a side that's bitter;
Laptops get stolen every day
And people get hurt on Twitter.

Computers crash, networks fail;
And data disappears,
Viruses seem to come from nowhere,
Making real our virtual fears.

We've therefore created Safety Tek
Since we're all about I.T.;
You might say we're the experts in,
Insurance Technology.


  “You are the best! I really don't know what I would do without Stuckey & Company. You guys are amazing to work with."  




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