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10 Steps to a Successful Affinity Insurance Program

Key ingredients to create a Successful Affinity
Insurance Program

Affinity Insurance Program

Running an insurance agency - like many businesses, is extremely competitive. So, I find myself always looking for new avenues to become more profitable, streamlined and better serve agents and clients alike. It is important to continually explore your specialties and invent new opportunities to stay in front of competition. I enjoy engineering and technology so we manage and underwrite programs such as:

  • Technology Industry
  • Architects and Engineers
  • Professional Liability
  • Green Energy Programs

With this concentration I have a better understanding of our clients and we can connect on a deeper level by speaking the same language regarding their needs and desires. 

Uncovering or further exploring your specialty is a great first step to creating your Affinity Insurance Program. Make sure your chosen industry has a true need so that you are creating value for your clients but make sure that your program can remain profitable to enjoy a long life.

I have created a 10 step process that I use when the right opportunity arises. Below is a list of just a few key features:

  • Identifying your target industry
  • Measuring the risks involved
  • Marketing strategy
  • Importance of Profitability

10 Steps to a Successful Affinity Insurance program will explore these steps and others needed to create a focused, long lasting and enjoyable specialty market. 

Download the 10 Steps to a Successful Affinity Insurance Program

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