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March 2012 Agent Alert -- Stuckey & Company

Stuckey Agent Alert
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Bind SafetyTek and You Could Win an iPhone 4S or the new iPad

At Stuckey & Company, we know that our success depends on working with the best producers. To encourage you to grow your relationship with Stuckey & Company, we are rewarding and recognizing those of you who grow your business with Stuckey & Company.

Details on the SafetyTek Incentive Program


  • To recognize and reward any agent or broker who maintains and grows a consistent block of business.


  • Any agent or brokers who is appointed with Stuckey & Company.


  • Effective period ends April 30, 2012.


  • Every agent or broker gets one entry per signed bind agreements

  • Winners will be chosen in a random drawing on May 15, 2012, and notified via email that day.


  • Choice of either an iPhone 4S or the new iPad.

  • Winner can opt for cash payout equivalent to highest priced prize.

Now is the time to consider marketing BikePRO

Spring is in the air and people's mind inevitably turn to outdoor activities.  According to the Bicycle Dealers Association, the market is estimated at $6 billion, with 44% of the total dollars going to the 4,200 specialty bike shops across the country. That is a BIG market opportunity for you as an agent.

If you want to expand your business into bike shops or you already have clients that require specific coverage for their bike shops, whether it is in regards to sales, rentals or repairs…we can assist.

Here is a general overview of the our BikePRO program:

Bicycle Dealerships Including:
• Used Bicycle Sales
• Bicycle Rental
• Bicycle Repair

• Commercial General Liability
• Umbrella
• Property and Inventory
• Business Auto
• Workers Compensation
• Voluntary Parting (Test Drive)
• Credit Card Fraud

Specialty Coverage Includes:
• Voluntary Parting for Test Drives
• Insurance for Rental Operations
• Group Rides Coverage
• Used Bike Sales

Is Cyber Insurance the Same as Technology Professional Liability?

Many people confuse cyber liability insurance and technology professional liability insurance.  Learn more about the difference!

First, let's define technology professional liability.  Technology professionals comprise organizations that develop and implement technology for both consumers and businesses.  For example, a technology professional could be a software developer, a microchip designer or an IT consultant.  Technology professional liability is designed to cover specifically the errors & omissions of these types of organizations only. 

Cyber liability, on the other hand, is liability coverage designed for all businesses and specifically focuses on covering those businesses from cyber risks, including data breach, first and third party risks associated with e-business, the Internet, etc.

To learn more about our SafetyTek coverage, you can email Maggie Hammett or visit the SafetyTek information page.

START QUOTING NOW! For applications and forms, click here.

What Are Marketing Risks?

With the economy slowly getting back on track, many companies (large and small) are turning to marketing and advertising firms to maximize their profits.  If you have spoken to any marketing consultants recently, it is my bet that they approached you because one of their clients was requiring them to carry some sort of insurance – and they require it for a reason – we ALL make mistakes.

Consider the risk a client takes by hiring a marketing firm or a consultant.  The slightest error could lead to a lawsuit or a devastating financials loss so carrying professional liability insurance for this reason just makes sense!  The client has protection and so does the insured – just consider that one instance of legal defense could cripple their firm – but not if they have the proper coverage. 

That’s where Stuckey & Company comes in.  We can tailor policy limits anywhere from $100,000 to $10,000,000 from excellent A+ rated carriers with a wide array of deductible options to suit your client best.  Qualified risks can even see premiums BELOW $1000 annually.

DON’T FORGET : Oftentimes a client that requires professional liability will require other coverage lines (with good reason).  We have several carriers who can consider a while line of coverage from GL, to professional liability, worker’s compensation, etc.

DID YOU KNOW??  : In some states, if you are injured, your client must cover you with its own worker’s compensation policy!!  This could cause their rates to go up, so often times you may be required to carry this coverage as well as the client is simply protecting their own interests.

For more information or specific applications in various states, please contact Chris Boylan.


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Did you know?

1. Stuckey offers our agents FREE quoting systems (we pay the fees so you don't have to!): EZLynx for Personal Lines, EZConnect for Commercial Lines and our proprietary SafetyTek Quoting System.

2. Electronic media liability is defined as indemnity for electronic publishing, dissemination, releasing gathering, transmission, production, web casting or other distribution of Electronic Content on the internet, on behalf of the insured or by the insured for others.



"I have to say: you are one of the best underwriters I am working with today.  Thank you for the quick responses to my quotes and questions."

-- Vicki Boser, InsuranceTekm Inc.




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