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Who needs errors and omissions insurance?

According to TheFreeDictionary.com, errors and omissions is short-hand for malpractice insurance (also known as Professional liability insurance (PLI) or professional indemnity insurance (PII)) gives physicians, attorneys, architects, accountants and other professionals coverage for claims by patients and clients for alleged professional errors and omissions which amount to negligence.

Basically, anyone that performs or renders a good or service to another person or business needs errors and omissions insurance.  There are many types of policies that have expansions to include errors and omissions insurance as part of a larger package.  However, as a general rule, errors and omissions insurance is mono-line product for almost every class of business.  Stuckey and Company offers SafetyTek, an errors and omissions product specifically tailored for technology professionals.  For other professionals, Stuckey’s miscellaneous professional liability and commercial lines divisions can handle more than 350 different classes of business, ranging from accountants to wedding planners.

To learn more about the basics of errors and omissions insurance, visit the professional liability insurance Wikipedia page!

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