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What Are Specialty Insurance Programs?

Specialty insurance programs offer protection to individuals and businesses from financial losses.  Specifically, specialty insurance programs are designed to cover unique or expensive items, events outside the standard insurance policy scope or special circumstances associated with different types of businesses.  There are many types of specialty insurance programs that range from yacht insurance to technology professional liability insurance. 

Specialty Insurance Programs Renjith Krishnan

When evaluating a specialty insurance program, one important thing to consider is the breadth of the coverage available in the program.  For example, when considering technology professional liability insurance, you should verify that the program includes first dollar defense.

Specialty insurance programs can also be more in-depth than certain general policies and can be industry-specific due to their unique exposures.  A real estate professional liability program may address issues like mold exposures that would not affect other professions (e.g. accountants).  Likewise, an accountant professional liability program will address specific exposures related to accounting, like IRS-related penalties.

To learn more about Stuckey and Company’s specialty insurance programs, please visit our website at http://www.stuckey.com.

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