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Best's Review Feature on Stuckey & Company

Stuckey & Company was featured in the May issue of Best's Review.  The article provided a history of the company as well as an overview of the current business, including our specialty products HarborGuard and SafetyTek. ______________________________________________________________________________________

Water Lines

by Dennis Gorski

Inland marina coverage launched Stucky & Co. 20 years ago and continues to produce for the firm.

For specialty-risk broker Stuckey & Co., what's old is new again, thanks to a hardening market in marina and boat dealer insurance.

The Lake Saint Louis, Mo.-based firm sees the sector turning around after last years' string of severe-weather losses.  The rebound has blown new wind into the sails of the program upon which Stuckey was founded 20 years ago when it dealt exclusively with the marina and marine dealers' market.

Known as HarborGuard since 1994, the program is a suite of products under Stuckey's commercial general liability offering.  It's available in 46 states -- only Alaska, Hawaii, Florida and New Hampshire aren't included -- and protects "inland" marinas against both floating and onshore risks.

"In the marina market, there's probably $500 million of premium written, and we hold probably 1% of that," according to Jerry Lovin, general manager and chief underwriter for HarborGuard.

Read the rest of the Best's Review article here. 

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