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Offer Your Clients a Hurricane Preparedness Checklist

Hurricane season is upon us and that means it is time for home and business owners to verify that the preparations made over the last few months are complete.  The reality is that the chance for major damage can be mitigated if your clients take the proper steps.  However, it can be hard to determine what really needs to be done to safeguard a home or business.  That is why many carriers offer comprehensive checklists that cover what to do in advance of a hurricane, right before a hurricane strikes and in the aftermath.  Providing your clients with these types of materials can help lessen the impact of hurricane losses and also offer peace of mind.  Your clients will know what needs to be done and taking those steps will make them feel safer.

A good example is the Chartis Hurricane Preparedness Checklist.  Not only does Charits give practical advice but they also have concrete actions your clients can take before, during and after a hurricane.

To view the Chartis Hurricane Preparedness Checklist and see if it might be right for your clients, click here.

Likewise, Chubb offers comprehensive hurricane checklists.  Chubb divides it up into two different documents; one covering important actions to take well in advance of a hurricane and one discussing steps to take directly before and after a hurricane has hit.

You can download both documents here: Chubb Hurricane Checklist 1 and Chubb Hurricane Checklist 2.

At Stuckey and Company, our personal lines insurance group works with various carriers so you can give your clients the best insurance coverage and resources.  To learn more, contact Shelli Windle at shelli@stuckey.com.


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