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Higher Limits of Liability for High Value Homes 2


"Affluent homeowner's may require higher limits of liability for their high value home."

 A preferred policy can provide higher limits of liability for your affluent clients.  Preferred carrier's will arrange for an appraiser to visit the home and provide the insured with an estimated replacement cost for their home.  The liability limit will determine the dollar amount of coverage your client should place on their home. With this valuable information at your clients disposal, it will provide them with the tools needed in properly insuring their home.

The amount of coverage for the home should be in line with the replacement cost needed to rebuild your home. It's important to remember the replacement cost and the market value are not inclusive of one another.

Affluent Customer Insurance Opportunity:

Standard Liability Limits

  • Minimum: $100,000
  • Maximum: $500,000

Preferred Liability Limits

  • Minimum: $300,000
  • Maximum: $1,000,000

How to Quote:

With preferred policies these coverage's are extended worldwide. In this most litigious environment in which we live, it is most prudent to protect your client's assets and their way of life they are accustomed too.

In addition to the liability limits offered within the homeowner's policy, your insured may want to add an excess policy that will provide coverage after the initial liability limits have been reached. Preferred writer's offer excess policies up to $100,000,000.


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