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Rebuilding for High Value Homes under Orindnance or Law Coverage


"Is your coverage sufficient to cover ALL costs of rebuilding?"


Ordinance or Law coverge is designed to fill in the gaps after a covered loss.This coverage is trigged when you are required to comply with local law ordinance, statues' or building codes. These additional costs will be at the homeowner's expense.
The local municipality may not issue the necessary permits to repair a covered loss until all areas are in compliance with the mandated codes. This coverage has  3 components:
  • Coverage A: Coverage for loss to the undamaged portion of the structure
  • Coverage B: Increased demolition cost
  • Coverage C: Increased cost of construction

Costs associated with rebuilding can include the following:

  • Rewiring the electrical system
  • Installing hard wired smoke detectors
  • Hurricane-resistant roofs or windows
  • Rebuilding the entire home after a parital loss

How do you calculate the correct amount in Law and Ordinance coverage? By insuring your high value  home at 100% of the replacement cost assures your closest estimate of having the appropriate amount of coverage. By familiarizing yourself with the local building trends will aid you in calculating the amount needed to guard against your out-of-pocket expense.

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