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Stuckey & Company Newsletter - October

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Worker's Compensation - Online Quoting Made Easy!

Stuckey and Company has made quoting Worker’s Compensation as easy as 1…2…3. Earlier in the year we launched our time saving online rating tool with busy agents just like you in mind.

So take a just a moment and explore the advantages of EZConnect. We are now making it easier than ever for commercial insurance agents to get rate quotes from multiple carriers with just a single, online inquiry. Our EZConnect comparative rater tool allows Stuckey agents to enter information about insureds and receive bindable quotes directly from leading national carriers. Not only does the simplified process save time, but it also reduces the chance for errors that often result from repetitive data entry. 

You can register to use the free comparative rater, EZConnect at http://www.stuckey.com

Or for a free online tutorial please visit, http://www.youtube.com/user/StuckeyInsurance

For more information regarding workman’s compensation insurance, please contact Libby Bechtold at libby@stuckey.com

Help Your Clients Understand How Adding a Teen Driver Can Affect Their Coverage

Having a teen driver in the house brings a mixed bag of emotions. Try to eliminate your clients stress by sharing information on teen driving. Having a teen driver in the house does not mean you cannot rest assure knowing where your children are, how to keep your premiums at a minimum and driving behavior.

Teensurance is just one benefit we have found. It helps keep your teen safer by offering roadside assistance, vehicle tracking and arrival/departure and curfew alerts that can be sent to your computer or directly to your phone. Grant your clients access to more information on this great program by sharing the following link: https://www.teensurance.com/

Some carriers offer price breaks for clients that have served 2 or more years of service with them by discounting plans for loyalty. Other options for your clients may be to raise the deductibles, combine home and auto policies, discounts for students who receive good grades and insuring a safer car. For more information on how we can best serve your clients with teen drivers please contact Shelli Windle at shelli@stuckey.com


TV Giveaway Contest - And The Winner IS...

OMG OMG OMG!!!!! Congratulations…..Cindy Dias, Commercial Account Manager from Probity Insurance Services, Inc. Not only are you blessed to live in San Jose, California – you now have a new 40” LCD Television on its way to you!

Thank you to all of you that made numerous submissions. Keep them coming and stay tuned to our electronic newsletter and e-blasts for exciting new opportunities coming your way in the near future. 

As always, your business is greatly appreciated!

Inside This Issue

Worker's Compensation
Personal Lines - Teen Driving
Contest Winner




Stuckey at 20!

What's an anniversary worth
Let alone, say, twenty?
We might use words like "tons," "a bunch,"
"Oodles," or just "plenty."

Yet even though they add on up
(Of that we have no doubt)
They can't be traded, bought, or sold,
And they can't be given out. 

They do not have a clearance rack.
They do not go on sale.
They don't get packaged, shipped, unloaded
Or measured on a scale. 

So how do we know their worth, you ask?
Where's their value at?
Take a moment and look in the mirror:
We put a premium on that.



  “You are the best! I really don't know what I would do without Stuckey & Company. You guys are amazing to work with."  



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