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APIs Can Help You Create a Better Insurance User Experience

Demand for a Better Insurance User Experience

The insurance user experience matters to independent agents because exceptional UX design lowers the barrier of entry for consumers. Online processes for shopping, comparing, and buying are only as attractive as they are useful, convenient, and comprehensive. It really is this simple: a better user experience equates to more engagement and higher attach rates.

It’s happening already in a wide array of consumer industries. Faster, more flexible, and more efficient user experiences for shopping, comparing, and buying products are driving business online. Even customer service functions that have traditionally been handled through live human interaction have been improved upon with automated, web-based tools that further encourage eCommerce transactions.

And consumers are proving this with their behavior. According to a 2021 Gartner survey, over 70% of consumers start with self-service online solutions before contacting a person. This trend is true across the board, but even more pronounced among younger audiences—a fact that suggests a continued shift in preference toward web-based solutions. 

Overlay a global pandemic that pushed many reluctant consumers toward online sales channels and you begin to see how vital these tools have become. Lastly, and most importantly, technologies that empower these user experiences are always improving at a rapid rate.

APIs Connect People, Data, and Services

A.I.-led consumer interactions are increasingly customizable and potent for vendors and consumers. One of the great strengths of conversational A.I. utilities is their ability to quickly funnel consumers toward desired outcomes for purchase or contact with an agent. Insurance quoting and buying tools produce high-value contacts for independent agents, enabling them to focus their communication with consumers. 

For instance, customers who reach a point in the shopping process that necessitates agent contact are put in touch with agents who already have access to all the data that has been collected by the insurance quote tool. The user experience can be entirely customized to create your desired quoting and buying process. 

All of this flexibility and utility is possible, in part, thanks to an application programming interface (API). APIs enable integration between application software and your services. They connect data, applications, and platforms to help vendors create compelling and elegant user experiences.

A better user experience is possible through APIs because they facilitate connections. They make it possible for users to engage in a multifaceted quoting and buying process within a single user interface. In order to engage and capture more insurance customers, you must prioritize their user experience online. An inviting, clear, and convenient shopping experience will result in a higher rate of consumer engagement. As user experiences improve across all industries, consumer expectations will only increase.

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