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Instructional Services Professional Liability


Instructional Services

Information Technology training must include the skills necessary for performing IT related tasks.  IT training services relate to application, design, develop, support of computer based information systems. Technical Writing encompasses analyzing technical information and conveying it in a clear manner to another person.  Not only do they convey information though text, but must be proficient with computers as well.


  • Size of Market:  Over $150 Million in revenue
  • Average Premium:  $1,200
  • Minimum Premium:  $500

How to Quote:

Categories include:  

  • Information Technology Training & Education
  • Technical Writing

Exposure Concerns:

This is a slightly lesser risk than actually creating, designing, and implanting information technology services.  As technology evolves, not having the knowledge and experience is the biggest exposure. Help your clients understand Computer Professional Liability. 

Key Questions:

  1. Who are their clients?
  2. What are they training or writing about?
  3. What is the end use of the training and writing?


  • Revenues from $1k to $25M
  • Limits up to $5M
  • Deductible options ranging from $1k to $250k

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If you think that you have a business or know of a business that provides these type of services and is in need of professional liability insurance, please contact Stuckey & Company.

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