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Legal Services - Keeping your business protected


Many people see this class as lower risk, but that really isn’t the case – especially when you consider that these individuals can often be instrumental in the criminal justice process. One error or omission in this realm can have potentially devastating repercussions to all involved, thus opening the door to a large E&O exposure


Examples Include:

  • Court Reporters - SIC 7338
  • Private Investigators - SIC 7381
  • Polygraph Operator - SIC 7381
  • Handwriting Analysts - SIC 8011
  • Forensic Document Examiners - SIC 8011
  • Process Servers - SIC 7389
  • Expert Witness
  • Paralegal

Exposure Concerns:

With anything that involves the legal community, the door is always open for misrepresentation or an error in services. This can lead to claims and possibly even losing the business if a lawsuit were to occur. 

Prohibited Classes:

  • Collectible Memorabilia Examiners
  • Bounty Hunters
  • Social Engineering
  • Kidnap/Ransom Investigators
  • Child Custody Investigations

Key Questions:

1) Who are their top clients?

2) What is the background of the applicant? Do they have a resume?

3) Is the applicant accredited?

4) Does the applicant belong to any associations or groups?

5) Does the applicant use written contracts when providing their services?


  • Revenues up to $10M
  • Limits up to $5M
  • Deductibles from $1k to $50k

Become an Agent

If you have any questions or would like to talk to an underwriter regarding this class, please feel free to email Michelle@stuckey.com or visit our website at Stuckey.com for more information. 


Topics: Miscellaneous Professional Liability

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